I was working on wrapping gifts for Christmas at the time, but I wanted to make a quick Geno Mii since I'm a fan. Ultimate, but probably not in the way that fans have long hoped for.During a livestream on Thursday, Smash Bros. game director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that Geno is coming to the party fighting game as downloadable content, but only in the form of a Mii Fighter costume. As someone who has given up hope for Geno in the second Fighters Pass, as including his Mii Costume to later include him as a fighter doesnt make much sense to me personally. Dec 20, 2020 #19 You gotta let it go, man. Nintendo. 24 days ago. Really awesome to see the work the team put into this costume! Enjoy :] Geno Share ID: BQP5SRGF Creator: Frank Hey, that's really good! Basically it requires you assume that Geno is the most specialist character ever and is uniquely situated that Nintendo can make more money off of him in monetizing him twice than … Geno's Debut over here was a blink and you miss it cameo in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (A cameo which didn't even come back when they remade the game for 3DS) And if we are talking about "Mario RPG characters that played a key role in those games but aren't really relevant now." share. After all the heart ache that TRUE Nintendo fans have gone through, you give us a giant middle finger and make him a MII COSTUME?!?! I can't say I'm a fan of the Mii faced Geno, so a mod for this would be an amazing change that I'm sure will satisfy many of his fans. The only way I could see him happening would be if they made another fighter ballot (which is very likely since they need to gauge interest for which fighters they want to use for smash 6) and that Geno somehow managed … The idea of Geno being a deluxe Mii Outfit has literally never made sense to me. level 2. It’s time for a new director. The costume was revealed to return during the Mr. Sakurai Presents "Sephiroth" presentation on December 17, 2020, and later released alongside the other Round 8 Mii Fighter costumes on December 22nd, 2020. Also everyone’s like If ItS a MiI cOsTuMe It CaNt Be In SmAsH, Might I remind you people said that … Joined Jul 27, 2006 Messages 18,431 Location Somewhere... overthinking something NNID Fatmanonice Dec 18, 2020 #148,850 Serenade01 said: … To make Geno a Mii Outfit again not only once, but TWICE kinda feels like a slap to the face to me. Basically what my request is, is to replace the hat for the Geno Mii with a full head closer to the likes of Sam's, Cuphead, Vault Boy, and Bomberman. theory straight into the trash. 03:00 PM PT. The requests for Geno may be loud and growing, but Geno is also arguably still a somewhat niche pick compared to other character options. 1. I later noticed … You can now switch between “Random from all songs” and “Random from My Music” for the Battlefield, Small Battlefield, Big Battlefield and Final Destination stages. RELATED: Super Smash Bros. That's a dick move that benefits no one. Geno's Mii costume being added is a hint he will actually be part of fighters pass 4. The presentation of Sephiroth in Super Smash Bros Ultimate happened this December 17, and with it, the reveal for new Mii costumes – Geno is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, not as a real character, but as a Mii Costume.The reveal also included Tifa, Barret, and a Chocobo cap. Ultimate.' That was back in Smash 4. Ultimate as a DLC add-on. Finally putting an end to years and years of frantic Geno fanboys complaining … Mii character details for Geno. He mentions as much when asked why Geno was included as a Mii costume in Super Smash Bros. 4. User Info: gee_willikers. Report Save. The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense. In order to receive the points … I'm actually the one that made one of the most popular Geno Miis atm (RB74W3Y3), and I honestly didn't expect my Mii to get so popular. I thought that happened with cloud along with Chocobo heads. The head was originally part of an older custom model of Geno I had made but has been customized to better match the design of the SSBU model. It has produced some very interesting results. Ultimate Mod Makes Geno a 'Deluxe' Mii Costume. A supposed video leak depicts some new Mii costumes for Smash Bros. Giga Kaiju Smash Lord. While Sephiroth is also owned by Square Enix, he’s also a much more iconic character in the gaming landscape than Geno is. A Mii costume again?! Fatmanonice Banned via Warnings. The original Mii Fighter model was ripped from Super Smash Bros. Like, Sakurai knows how popular of a request Geno is and he has even commented on said popularity himself and he even said HIMSELF that he wants Geno in Smash. if we talk about how geno still has a chance despite being a mii costume itll make the people who decided to make their entire personality hating geno for some reason really mad. Joined Sep 16, 2015 Messages 1,023 Location Valley Of Repose NNID GigaKaiju Switch … Oct 25, 2017 4,299. The trailer has many … This is a new milestone in the history of the internet. The Geno Mii Fighter costume in 'Super Smash Bros. Super Mario RPG Character Designer Shares Geno Original Concept Artwork | NintendoSoup nintendosoup.com - GALA-MOS. I'll take Fawful in a heartbeat any day over Geno. The next group of Mii Fighter costumes is available now in Super Smash Bros. Geno was recently revealed as a Mii Fighter Costume for Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Geno Mii Costume Revealed in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. If this was a social experiment, someone would have written a paper on you guys by now. I have to admit, the detail on this thing is a step up from the previous version. Ultimate! "He has a gun for an arm, and just seems like he'd fit absolutely perfectly into Smash. If he's a mii costume, he's a mii costume. It’s impossible to know whether or not Geno will ever make his debut into Smash that’s more than just a spirit or Mii costume. Many close friends of mine wanted Geno in Smash Brothers, and were bummed by Geno's mii costume returning without it getting a Deluxe treatment. I wanted to cheer them up a little, so this was made for them. Joined Sep 18, 2007 Messages … Fortunately, Geno comes alongside an exciting crop of Mii Fighter costumes! I'm sorry but that's just how it is. Ultimate. Ultimate! Honestly want this for 99% of characters, as I know first hand how off-putting a normal Mii costume can be It's not even that hard to make a Mii Costume model so I don't know why they wouldn't fix Geno's ugly Smash 4 one. Ultimate by Centrixe. The design has not been significantly updated from its Super Smash Bros. 4 appearance. Geno was actually first released as a downloadable Mii character for Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3Ds back in 2015, but many didn't consider that to be good enough. December 22 is the date he’ll officially release on for those who bought the Fighter’s Pass 2. Moreover, if you own the Fighter’s Pass 2, you can try the Sephiroth Challenge to unlock him starting December 17. The fact he had a mini reveal trailer in Smash4 and that he wasn't included along with the Hero pack in Ultimate made most people speculate … Sakurai appears to be well aware of this character's popularity. At the same … Geno Hat + Outfit; You cannot make videos of replays that contain DLC you have not purchased (fighters, stages, music, Mii Fighter costumes, etc.). I thank you kindly in advance for helping to properly bring Geno to Smash Bros. - JTman. The next group of Mii Fighter costumes arrives 12/22 in Super Smash Bros. Battle against Sephiroth with Barret (Gunner), Tifa (Brawler), and Aerith (Swordfighter) costumes. Lbbaker. May 21, 2018 273. Yet. Important Notes: - Duplicate the c00 folder ten times, and name it accordingly up to c11 - put … Geno returns as a downloadable content Mii Gunner costume. I get the foundation that Nintendo/Square are businesses at the end of the day and they want money but this would be more than that, it would be stringing your audience along and misleading … The Warrior from Star Road’s costume will be for the Gunner Mii … I've said before but in no way does Geno have a chance for Smash Ultimate. Sakurai has NO respect for beloved Nintnedo characters like Geno, Dixie and Bandana Waddle Dee. As for Sora, I don't think he'll … Member. It's just a social experiment! To switch between options, access My Music via the Options or the Vault and then … Then it just...shot up in likes, haha. Member. I created the head myself and combined it with the Mii Fighter model to create this model. KCCHIEFS27 Smash Lord. Add a little feathery flare with a Chocobo Hat as well! Earlier this week, Nintendo confirmed that the Geno Mii costume would be making a return to Super Smash Bros. Sakurai: * reveals Geno Mii Fighter costume * Geno Fans: * despair intensifies * Sakurai: * reveals playable Geno shortly afterwards * Also Sakurai: Chill out, guys! Geno from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is coming to Super Smash Bros. we need to keep doing it . Geno is never happening. That doesn't even look like Geno. gee_willikers 1 month ago #9. That's pretty ridiculous. Geno, from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, will be joining as a Mii Fighter costume as well. Mr. Game & Watch . Add this Mii to your Nintendo Wii U, Wii, 3DS, or MiiTomo App! Given the popularity of Final Fantasy VII , Barret, Tifa, and Aerith should prove particularly awesome for longtime fans. Requirements . Common Knowledge One Winged Slayer. Geno was announced right after Cloud's breakdown video last game, so it looks like they're going to come full circle with him returning as a costume in Sephiroth's. Lastly, be sure to follow me on social media and subscribe to the … Sakurai revealed Geno for Super … Here is the Share ID for my Geno mii. If Sakurai was able to get Ridley, King K. Rool, and Banjo & Kazooie, … Reply. Add a little feathery flare with a Chocobo Hat as well! Dec 20, 2020 #20 L Thammy Spacenoid - … Wasn't Geno already a Mii Gunner suit? Yeah, we can throw out that whole "If Geno's a Mii on Thursday they're just pulling a fast one on us!" The fact that a contingent of Geno fans are now insisting that Geno will be the first and only Mii Costume to show up before the character does later on clinging to the most desperate of scenarios just explains it all so well. the whole "Geno will get a Mii Costume AND be upgraded to a playable character" doesn't make any logistical sense. Reactions: Z25, Inawordyes, Just a random scrub and 7 others. These particular outfits might mean Geno and DOOM Slayer are set to appear. Sephiroth was first revealed at The Game Awards. "Geno was actually a character I wanted to include as a fighter," said Sakurai in 2016. I really hope the characters and world of SMRPG returns in some way- whether its a remake or a sequel. 16 hours ago. Nintendo would not ask people to pay for a Geno Mii costume if they were going to charge for him as a full character a few months later. Battle against Sephiroth with Barret (Gunner), Tifa (Brawler), and Aerith (Swordfighter) costumes.