Standard Oil Seals 30 - 40 10 - 20 0.25 - 0.50 PS-I Oil Seals 50 - 70 4 - 8 0.10 - 0.20 Bearing Isolators Not Specified 64 maximum 1.63 maximum Required Shaft Required Shaft Finish Seal Type Hardness µin … Sizes listed are for standard nitrile elements, except Models 25 and 62 which have PTFE … We through our distribution channel distribute Cfw Oil Seals, Cfw Oil Seals Nbr Cfw Oil Seal Viton Cfw Oil Seal Metal Claded Cfw Oil Seal … Also known as oil seals, use these to retain oil on rotating shafts in motors, pumps, bearings, and gearboxes. All of the compounds of the oil seal are available for NBR, FKM, PA and SIICONE. Created Date: 3/6/2009 2:01:06 PM Add to Compare. max. endstream endobj 3 0 obj [/Indexed/DeviceRGB 255 4 0 R] endobj 4 0 obj <>stream At our option, products like oil seal … Structure 5 Types of Tobar Oil Seals A. Classification of Case and O.D. PDFScanLib v1.2.2 in Adobe Acrobat 8.1.3 ensili . Elastomer seals are functionally reliable components of fluid engi-neering equipment and systems. *M��f'Iđ�&)K���/��/@� SKF Seal Select is an online seal and accessory selection tool. Our R&D team has professional technique to offer standard or special lip and case design for the customers. Type ‘C’ oil seal … E70143 Metric O-Ring 62x2.5. uuid:1ca6ade0-1522-4efd-b66a-155b8fbd1bc1 Type C Oil seal. endstream endobj 208 0 obj <>stream T4-TYPE T4-Type oil seals … 2009-03-06T14:01:08+08:00 application/pdf There are three basic types of seals: Static seals. oil seal engine model ref no. ���� Adobe d� �� C ""(""('''#####',())))(,,22222,888888888888888888888�� � �� : ��B12!q�#a"3�� ? Classification of Sealing Lip Types 4 B. Add to Wishlist. Teaming up with Champ Oil Seals we offer a high quality low cost oil seal for many applications including ATV and automotive.This seals … Press-fit Allowance: Bore … The complete range of HMS5 and HMSA10 seals is also available on request in a fluoro rubber compound and with a stainless steel garter spring. crankshaft front oil seal (timing cover) crankshaft rear oil seal specification remark. SEAL O.D. ���� Adobe d� �� C ""(""('''#####',())))(,,22222,888888888888888888888�� 0 �� M �ђ�SQC�1c�!Aa�Rr�q��Ⴒ��� ? Special Applications 7-11 Material … TVC-Type oil seals are useful for applications with high pressure. ���� Adobe d� �� C ""(""('''#####',())))(,,22222,888888888888888888888�� � �� Z TOLERANCE - METRIC. Rod seals 29 Rod seals with wiper 41 Rod seals with wiper for anti-rotation pneumatic cylinders 57 Rod seals with wiper and guiding element 61 Piston seals 63 Piston seals, single-acting 64 Piston seals, double-acting 79 Complete pistons, single-acting 87 Complete pistons, double-acting 91 Other seal products 99 Wipers 100 Cushioning seals … WIA-fi-4120C2dj Oil seal FEM analysis Material Design Analysis Production Inspection Evaluation Basic design concept Analysis example Technology Management 9 10 Oil Seals for Sintering Machine Pallet Cars Oil Seals for Converter Furnaces 1 2 1 MS-type oil seal … Preferred sizes are indicated with boldtype face. Type B Oil seals. Use the oil seal reference chart when ordering. ���� Adobe d� �� C ""(""('''#####',())))(,,22222,888888888888888888888�� � �� H �q�rs43C�!1Qac��2b��#�� ? A spring secures the lip against the shaft, preventing messy leaks. Oil seals in stock. TVC-Type is another type of oil seal used for medium-pressure and small diameter rotating shafts. endstream endobj 1 0 obj <> endobj 27 0 obj <>/LastModified(D:20090306140027+08'00')>>>>/MediaBox[0 0 595 841]/Resources<>/DefaultGray 3 0 R/ProcSet[/PDF/ImageC/ImageI/ImageB]>>/Type/Page/LastModified(D:20090306140027+08'00')>> endobj 47 0 obj <>/LastModified(D:20090306140029+08'00')>>>>/MediaBox[0 0 595 841]/Resources<>/DefaultGray 3 0 R/ProcSet[/PDF/ImageC/ImageI/ImageB]>>/Type/Page/LastModified(D:20090306140029+08'00')>> endobj 100 0 obj <>/LastModified(D:20090306140045+08'00')>>>>/MediaBox[0 0 595 841]/Resources<>/DefaultGray 3 0 R/ProcSet[/PDF/ImageC/ImageI/ImageB]>>/Type/Page/LastModified(D:20090306140045+08'00')>> endobj 152 0 obj <>/LastModified(D:20090306140048+08'00')>>>>/MediaBox[0 0 595 841]/Resources<>/DefaultGray 3 0 R/ProcSet[/PDF/ImageC/ImageI/ImageB]>>/Type/Page/LastModified(D:20090306140048+08'00')>> endobj 205 0 obj <>/LastModified(D:20090306140102+08'00')>>>>/MediaBox[0 0 595 841]/Resources<>/DefaultGray 3 0 R/ProcSet[/PDF/ImageC/ImageI/ImageB]>>/Type/Page/LastModified(D:20090306140102+08'00')>> endobj 257 0 obj <>/LastModified(D:20090306140105+08'00')>>>>/MediaBox[0 0 595 841]/Resources<>/DefaultGray 3 0 R/ProcSet[/PDF/ImageC/ImageI/ImageB]>>/Type/Page/LastModified(D:20090306140105+08'00')>> endobj 256 0 obj <>stream Our No.1 priority at Harwal is to get each and every customer the precision parts they demand in less time than anyone in the industry. OIL SEALS SHAFT & BORE SIZE Table By OEM Numbers Table By Shaft Size GLM OEM Shaft Size Bore Size GLM OEM Shaft Size Bore Size 85140 26-45577-1 0.3125 0.4375 85050 26-89236-1 0.3750 … This page contains information on NOK Corporation’s products (oil seals).NOK is Japan’s first oil seal manufacturer.Our functional parts created through our sophisticated technologies, including oil seals and mechanical seals… !!!"""###$$$%%%&&&'''((()))***+++,,,---...///000111222333444555666777888999:::;;;<<<===>>>??? NAK Sealing Technologies Corporation is a sealing product supplier serving customers in a wide variety of industries, including the Automotive, Industrial, Hydraulic & Pneumatic, Construction and Mining … SEALS Inch/Metric V-Seals Oil Bath Seals KWIK-Sleeves™ - Components Seal Kits O-Rings TIMKEN A LEADER IN SEAL TECHNOLOGY US $10 SEAL SPECIFICSEAL SPECIFICATION GUIDEATION GUIDE. C. NOK OIL SEAL TYPES . SKF Seal Select currently offers a selection tool for: • SKF Speedi-Sleeve • V-ring seals • Radial shaft seals This catalogue as PDF Composed of synthetic rubber, metal rings and springs, they prevent the leakage of lubricants from gaps within machines and bearings. �S.�//�p51�V��ʸ�(�ŁA/'�s$R�Q/)�s$R�Q'*�2�H�+$�.d��N_��X�+$�.e��N[��U�����ǕJ�����W�G*�s[wt�KH����qʥ�\���8�R;;����H���~��/�g�/��Y���}�1=�w$R���grE��mF�v��Q ړl�U�v��Q0��l��(U-���~h,Vm\�&Ap���ڹrL���n�˒d�v�\� �EY�r��*ͫ�$�.U�\�&Ap��j��2U{W.I�\"�Ok|��p��l���Rp��m�z���U{h�Ԅ\"�K{h�Ԅ\&�[;x�7�B,T��*|bnt��I��� �OJF��:pj�0�5O��o�z�-FS�5��EE�g]�E��?']�F�?'Y���? Most parts can be made in as little as 2-3 business days. … Oil Seals Groove Dimensions & Tolerances PDF. the seal rapidly pumps back the oil. Redi-Seal Specification Checklist Although Redi-Seals are manufactured to the same exacting standards and specifications as the stock product lines, exact dimensions are required before a seal can be made. @@@AAABBBCCCDDDEEEFFFGGGHHHIIIJJJKKKLLLMMMNNNOOOPPPQQQRRRSSSTTTUUUVVVWWWXXXYYYZZZ[[[\\\]]]^^^___```aaabbbcccdddeeefffggghhhiiijjjkkklllmmmnnnooopppqqqrrrssstttuuuvvvwwwxxxyyyzzz{{{|||}}}~~~������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Garlock Oil Seals by Shaft Size All dimensions are in inches. 2009-03-06T14:01:06+08:00 Oil seals are functional parts used to seal oil. This rubber compound … R�Đ.B��d.Bt�I2Bt�I2Bt��$��&����:B4�#�HF�dp��g�8t�)1��@���l�!L�G��&;#�HF�dp��l�1M�ä#I�8t�i6G��&�����:B4�#�K"4�#�HF�dp��l�!M�ä#I�8t�i6G��&{#��F�dp��l�1M�ä#I�8t�i6G��&�����:B4�#�HF�dp��l�!M�æ#I�8|�)3�:BT�I�!I�8t�i6G��&�����:B4�#��F��#�HB�dp��R��/��$!K�Ⱦ��H��d ��.�"�\��̶���Ⱥ�>rC"�n��!�u79�!�u79�!�u79!�u79!�}72 �}/2 �}72 �}.�A�B�d �}6;!�!M��I������� ref no. 12pa1 10pa1 8pa1 12pb1 10pb1 8pb1 12pc1 10pc1 bh1942f 120-153-10 … short Mineral oil … They also prevent the … A2Z SEALS, as the leading specialist in Hydraulic / Oil Sealing Solution for different OEM models applications. � _vm; ��pD�_l*���M�S�*$��U>Ҧ�����5�������u�WMl�[�魐�u�W�l�[����n*�g�y�Cb̧k�z�.�aV� ���=_��W1��D�T�������s�N"a7%8���لܧ,*NF��������ɹU�m&�6J�`Y�ɹ[�&�6B�e�_!o�ѯ����5��-�b���uS-'S���:����H^p�1jn ��Ss�q��1n�W�*n��n!��*-��/V�]KGV��]�O̝^��O�T'9L���� We offer in stock access to a full line of various sealing products including metric and standard Oil Seals, End Caps, V-Rings, Gamma Seals, U-Cups, Rod Wipers, Shaft Repair Sleeves, Teflon Seals … Their advanced level of sealing technology is the result of many years of development and field experience gained in the various sectors of mechanical engineer- ... min. ٶ� @x�#�� �"2�Piy�G6y���v0-��0׃V�m���0���C�à�jZ"�q�Դ��|ꍾ6�S5��EQ��O��Z�[��-y�Gr�����8{��,M|Q&J��he�N���U��)}U6��|Y�ӫE� ߔ�׎������X�g���A&�Ǡ�!����>��s�͆�����M���o�U>�ڛ����,���� �I�A�������5�bl�����p���Jgۘ���� �!#^�)$qX���? OIL SEAL WELL OIL SEAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD ISO 9001 : 2015 Website: Tel: +886-4-8651759 E-mail: 2009-03-06T14:01:08+08:00 Oil seals work to prevent leakage of sealed objects such as lubricants from inside and also to prevent the entry of dust and contaminants from outside. �P ��߱� �� :O��ި�N� 9 �r� ���)� >O��ި�N���36�t�EI����4��sI������'Hk�b�:�Μ*������A��G&w�g�L��psD��'8��}#$�Ϥ"N/S�r� ���'�j��D�g8��~�Ӊ胝���Nd*Πw�����ZMͧ&/�'�*N�X����4��oSD/�L��z��&vt�mI������� �:�2��#1���)&����x�l�x�.�X��w��/�M�>�&v�7�Dᗋ��M���.d�bze�UM"���Q4�![�H��Q���#��B��S��Q������n. 259 0 obj <> endobj 261 0 obj <>stream The Big Bearing Store supplies the highest quality O-Ring the market has to offer. We offer in stock access to a full line of various sealing products including metric and standard Oil Seals, End Caps, V-Rings, Gamma Seals, U-Cups, Rod Wipers, Shaft Repair Sleeves, Teflon Seals and O-Ring kits. Harwal continues to be one of the top wholesale distributors of fluid sealing components with over 30,000 sizes and styles available every day. Oil Seal, O' Rings, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals, Diaphargms, Expansion Bellows, Rubber Moulded & Extruded Products, Anti - Vibration Machinery, Sealing Related Products, Manufacturer, India nok no. Standard Oil Seals 6 B. water seal(cfw oil seal) Model Water seal(cfw oil seal) Material Die-casting aluminum lock body with dimension of 2.5mm steel wire Specification 1.Cable diamete:2.5mm, Flag: 26.5mm X25mm X8.8mm … Please review the specifications manual before contacting Timken. ђS���cT1QBRCAqᢣ$D!����a�"�4r3s���� ? CR Seals differeniators Rotary oil seals must pump to protect To kee conaminans and mois-ture from damain a bearin or shaf a roar shaft seal ms form a barrier beween he oil sl and he oside eniron-men But to erform as effe-iel as ossible a seal ms also be able to pum oil awa from he air side and toward he oil … �mY��_�Vc����ڳ?���F՘�0�2�UF=f��-�����)R���`�Rl�! nok no. !�ƻq1 The Static sealsStatic seals function of a static seal … ERIKS offers technical expertise to provide customized solutions for your oil-seal tasks. A2Z SEALS supplies Cfw Oil Seals which is known for its High Performance, durability, cost effectiveness and acceptability world wide. uuid:56010d2c-8624-4a4d-9e23-d1b2eb2bedd6 MATERIAL: Using the latest findings from the CR bearing seal material developments, this rubber com-pound for the range of HMS5 and HMS10 radial shaft seals has been developed for optimum use in oil … endstream endobj 207 0 obj <>stream Construction of Tobar Oil Seals A. This paper highlights the most critical interac-tions between the industry’s most commonly used gear oil formulations, with emphasis … HARWAL INTERNATIONAL, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Add to Compare. A Zero Duplication™ seal … XƻpčNq�Ԙ�B-ۆ(�щv�!qD�q��4���� �xn��b�~��~��R��Z��&+�����*y�Yy���MbikD̴�Z&e���Z�3-���&e��bYt��r� �`�yY'+�����꧚%��OƂ�ikV�KZ�9q$��s��Z�8�2֬�i. Harwal offers a wide selection of Nitrile, HNBR, Viton®, Teflon®, EPDM, Silicone, Polyurethane, UHMW, Polyacrylate, Neoprene, Leather, Felt, and FDA approved materials either in stock, or available as a made to order part. Oil Seals ERIKS bv P.O. Sizes: ID 100mm x OD 120mm x W 10mm Nitrile Rubber Coated Rotary Shaft Oil Seal Double Lips and Spring loader Ring Add to cart. They are highly resistant to pressure and have increased lip rigidity. %PDF-1.4 %���� But this has the metal case placed outside. 1.1 Nomenclature and functions of seal components Oil seals … Box 280 NL-1800 BK Alkmaar T +31 72 514 15 14 F +31 72 515 56 45 847036-2009 shaft seal is a barrier with four functions: 1) Retaining lubricants or liquids 2) Excluding contaminants 3) Separating fluids and 4) Confining pressure. Get up to date details about your order status. We offer guaranteed shipping on in stock items from our Northeast warehouse until 4:30pm EST, our Southeast warehouse until 4:30pm EST, and our Midwest warehouse until 4:30pm MST. Give us a call and we'll be happy to help assist you with any questions you may have. endstream endobj 209 0 obj <>stream 'Y��*'Y����/'Y�F*#]��.Q-�ƼD�� Add to Wishlist. oil, seal grease (if required), elastomer material and design, and the shaft. 62.85.10TC Oil Seal … ORDER REFERENCE CHART FOR OIL SEALS. endstream endobj 210 0 obj <>stream H�|�ٖ�0���)�dI^r�%[��n(0le(;<=�c7jdӞ����*�ڜ���9}B����n��D�袉��0�CZAS������h���߉����c�gn1��7f' h&L{�r�I� �-`]�51ǼNq!N�$�� � a�@���:**�/H��vQh,g�l�a��*��(�W���pI�U�_c[7������MXo�bD(��[����׃�"Ei��$Z��?�1�%Z��f��H!�T,p�|T��ch�'���eƲ�0z:�Y�Q�,3ϴg�����?�k��$&w�6�/�_.WyX����� 13� @�쪏��u���#��\Jd? Press-fit seals into the … When the housing is rough, temperature is high and working conditions are severe, this type is preferred. Through several different input parameters you can easily ind a suitable SKF sealing solution for a speciic application. HOW TO USE THIS CATALOG The seals … Custom made to order parts delivered in 10-12 business days or less. This is almost similar to that of ‘A’ type seal.